Are You Smarter Than A Lwando? Buying your first home

Money | Personal Finance

Guess who is in the hot seat again in the latest episode of our financial quiz show?
Watch Lwando test Maps Maponyane on just how ready he is to buy a new home.

There’s more to purchasing your first property as a young professional than finding the right house or apartment in the right location.

Does Maps know all the answers? Let’s find out!

Maps Maponyane and Lwando host a ‘quizzer’ that entertains and educates – it’s the perfect first step for first-time home owners.

Looking to roll out the ‘welcome mat’? Read more…

Why affordable and secure new developments are attractive to young home owners

5 steps to buying your first home – we’ve made it simple to understand

To secure your home, you will need insurance on your home loan or mortgage

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