Postcards from the Revolution – 10 ways to design a better world through the power of design

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From jazz clubs to design museums, street art to scaling start-ups, we visited London to learn how to design a better world.

Every place we visited explored the concept of doing good for the world and the communities around us through the power of design.

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As the winning team of the first-ever Young Professionals Revolution, we want to share 10 experiences and insights of our whirlwind tour of London this July.

Vincent Hofmann, the facilitator of the event and co-founder of BetterWork, showed us around this iconic city and introduced us to the hotspots of design and design thinking. 

Here’s what we learned.

We took a private tour of the Tate Modern museum of contemporary art – and learned how artists are driven by purpose.

The work these British artists create is never random or an indulgent form of personal expression, but is a powerful way to comment on, influence and shape the social and political world.

The winners of the first-ever Young Professionals Revolution at B Lab®

We visited global certification agency B Lab® – and learned how business can be a force for good.

The agency recognises and validates the contributions businesses make to eradicate poverty, protect the environment and build better communities. This global movement is about shared prosperity for all.

We took a time-warp to the Breakfast Club – and learned how brave designers go against the trends.

This chain of cafés in London, based on the 80s romantic teen angst movies, was a great example of a purposeful design that goes against the popular trend to create a niche, nostalgic and unique experience for patrons.

London on bicycles - secrets of street art.
Good ol’ Londontown on a bicycle – secrets of street art.

We saw London on bicycles – and learned the secrets of street art.

As we cycled the streets of the city on cool vintage bikes, we took in art from the likes of Banksy and saw how street art celebrates freedom, raises protests and adds to a vibrant urban experience.

We listened to the rhythms of Ronnie Scott’s jazz club – and learned how successful musicians choose passion rather than complacency.

We went on a walkabout of Soho’s music scene to see first-hand how legendary musicians have the courage to be different. They choose to live with passion and purpose and while it’s not an easy path to follow – it is worth it.

 Royal Society of the Arts
Inspiring spaces: Royal Society of the Arts

We took a tour of the Royal Society of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – and learned how design solves society’s challenges.

This organisation is committed to finding practical solutions to social challenges. It also recognises innovation through its awards programme and promotes collaboration through a network of designers, artists and engineers.

We went to a start-up talk by Anthony David King  – and learned how seed ideas can scale to become global stars.

This influencer has a singular mission – to revolutionise the world’s human and start-up experience. Hosted by Wayra, a company that scales start-ups, King explained how sometimes it’s about solving something small but solving it well and before anyone else.

Design Museum
Awesome spheres – Design Museum

We took a tour of the Design Museum – and learned how design and architecture are humanity’s best friend.

The museum looks at design from the viewpoint of the designer, manufacturer and user. It covers the breadth of design, from design to graphics, fashion and architecture, kitchenware to wearables – all the things that make our lives better.

We visited the Borough Market – and learned how fresh thinking can be applied to even exceptional heritage.

The food market has been part of London’s history for a thousand years, but small-scale artisan foodies from around the world bring fresh thinking to their stalls. They celebrate diversity and add new voices to an age-old tradition.

Night tour of the city
Our winning team taking time out from their whirlwind schedule.

We went on a night tour of the city – and learned that the sky is the limit for a young person with dreams (and designs) for the future.

Our tour of the sights, sounds, and lights of London included the Emirates Air Line cable car and a boat ride on the Thames. It was a chance to reflect on the week gone by and realise that there is no limit to what you can achieve for yourself and the world around you.

Wish you were there?

You can be. If you’re a young professional passionate about giving back, you could be part of our next event.

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