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How do you stay ahead of the curve while flattening the curve?

What happens when life throws you a curveball?

From digital acceleration to dealing with isolation, gaining new skills and supporting others, the unexpected arrival of Coronavirus (Covid-19) has changed our world – irrevocably and in ways we could never have imagined.

Four young professionals and influencers share their insights and experiences – on how to accept, adapt, and achieve during this challenging time.

The host

Maps Maponyane

Curveball Maps

Maps is a brand ambassador for Investec young professionals. A multi-talented entrepreneur, he is a TV presenter, actor, producer and noted philanthropist.

The panel

Asha Patel

Curveball Asha Patel

Asha is Head of Marketing for Google South Africa and Head of Ads Marketing for Sub Saharan Africa. She holds degrees in Informatics and Honours Cum Laude in Business Management.

Bilqees Baker

Curveball Bilqees

Bilqees is a student at UCT working towards becoming a chartered account CA(SA). She is completing her Professional Masters in Commercial Law, and has completed her Business Science undergraduate studies and postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA).  

Deborah Mutemwa-Tumbo

Curveball  Deborah Mutemwa-Tumbo

Deborah is an attorney of the High Court of South Africa. With co-founder Tshepiso Scott, she launched Tumbo Scott, which has in under three years become a leading boutique commercial and corporate law firm.

Dennis Ngango

Curveball Dennis Ngango

Dennis, an industrial engineer and digital entrepreneur, works as a business analyst and systems developer for a leading medical group. He runs DEFINING Media, a digital media start-up aimed at empowering South Africa’s youth.

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