Little savings, big results

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Whether you are saving for an overseas holiday, a wedding or a new home, you probably have an amount and a goal in mind. If the big amount seems unreachable, focus on the small changes you can make every day that will give you more money to save at the end of every month.

little savings big results
little savings big results

Investec has various Cash Investments options to choose from – save at highly competitive rates. For example the PrimeSaver that gives you a prime-linked interest rate and immediate access to your funds for no monthly fee.

One thought on “Little savings, big results

  1. The troublesome part in this day and age is that we are looking for short term investments with high yield. The patience of a good investment is not something that most millennials are interested in. But there is definitely some pearls in saving the little at a constant pace, than an individual lump some with a rapid return.

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