Are You Smarter Than A Lwando? Maps and Lwando get to grips with all things credit

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How is your credit score calculated? How do you know if you have too much debt? And why do you need a good credit score in the first place?

Maps Maponyane and Lwando return for a fun and informative quiz show. This is part of a new series that is set to empower your financial freedom.

Your credit score shows how responsible you are with debt when you apply for a home loan or vehicle finance.

We do credit differently

As a young professional and Investec Private Banking client, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all credit assessments. Your Private Banker will give you an individual affordability assessment, so we can fund your life and lifestyle at a competitive interest rate.


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Did you know that the repo rate can affect your credit profile?

Investec Private Banking

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