The Undefinables – meet incredible young change-makers in SA

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Meet young South Africans who refuse to let others define their careers, ideals and aspirations. These inspiring and brilliant minds, creative talents and world-changers are not only breaking boxes, they’re building new boxes.

Don’t miss Hulisani Ravele as she gets the stories, the secrets and the scoop on these extraordinary personalities.

Back in the day, your path to success was pretty clear-cut. Not so much anymore.  Today’s brightest young stars in business simply can’t be categorised. They defied what was expected of them and refused to be limited by what was available to then. From doctors and fashion gurus, to engineers and conservationists, their path was never conventional – but it was always taking them to the top. They are … the Undefinables.

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Episode 1

The future business leaders, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, engineers and creative geniuses don’t like to be defined as just “one thing.” Meet  SA young professionals who are redefining what is possible and rewriting the script in every aspect of their lives.

Episode 2

You have seen them on social media and on professional sites like LinkedIn. That’s only half the story. What is it really like to be a rule breaker, a game changer, and young professional living your side-hustle? Will the real Undefinable please stand up?

Episode 3

Some lessons in life, in a career, in entrepreneurship are hard won and never forgotten. How can they help you with your own career and life? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Listen to how these brave, successful and inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs made it to the top. One thing is for sure – the journey is never conventional.

Episode 4

The future is always a bit daunting if you don’t know what is around the corner. How do you prepare for a career that has possibly not yet been created? What does the future look like for young professionals? Our 10 extraordinary stars help you navigate tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “The Undefinables – meet incredible young change-makers in SA

  1. This is brilliant. I can relate with all of them. I can’t even defy myself at this point – I’m stretching myself beyond limits, I just thrive in different aspects.

  2. Great podcast, my only critic from a production point, is that its soo obvious that the guest and Ms Ravele are not actually having a face to face conversation, but exchanging voice notes. It´s a little irksome for someone who actually enjoys listening to real-life conversations.

    But, what a concept. I love this, in today’s climate, everyone is fabulously forced to push their passion projects, which ultimately leads us all to live a purpose-filled life.

    I myself am a Physicist by academic rank, freelance writer by hobby and I´m learning how to program (cause you know fourth industrial revolution and all that).

    Here´s to the age of pushing boundaries 🙂

  3. We’re glad you enjoyed the podcast, Phumla. It was a little difficult to get all these great people in one studio on one day as you can imagine. We hope you’re pushing those boundaries and staying ahead of the revolution.

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