Work-life balance – myth, madness or miracle?

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Work-life balance is a complex concept. Either you’re doing too much, too little or just enough in life.

So, how do you find equilibrium?

How to find work-life balance

From artists, doctors, fashion gurus, serial-entrepreneurs and engineers, our young professionals fire up a fresh debate.

Binge on a four-part series, it’ll change the way you think about the crazy balancing act we call real life.

Episode 1 | What is it? Does it exist?

Young professionals from South Africa and around the world challenge the traditional norms around seeking balance in life.

Episode 2 | It’s a jungle gym, not a ladder

A Google search of ‘How to find balance in your life’ brings up over 332 million results. Listen to what our young professionals reveal when asked the same question.

Episode 3 | The how-to behind it all

Very few of us have found that happy balance between career and play. What tips and tricks do you need to attain balance?

Episode 4 | So what? The ‘why’ we must all answer

Balance is an important destination that we are all trying to reach. Our 13 game-changing young professionals are ready to be your ‘Balance GPS’.

Want more of the same?

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